jason voorhees (topofmylungs) wrote in thecon,
jason voorhees


welcome to thecon, your one stop tegan and sara everything community!

you local tegan stans and one sara stan mods are: sonorific, tiffiny, & topofmylungs. we have a few things you should know before joining/posting.

1. we are going to keep this community members only, but it will be unmoderated membership, so you won't have to wait for our lazy asses to approve you.
2. NO PERSONAL JOURNAL POSTS! are we happy that you heard "feel it in my bones" at the club you went to last night? sure. but, do we really care enough to see a post about it? absolutely not.
3. we are going to try something different. not only are we going to have news, pictures, album downloads, but we want to promote a sense of community. make interactive posts. they don't have to be about tegan and/or sara. are you curious about what picture currently is everyone's wallpaper? do you want to have a mass friending on tumblr? are you curious to what arouses your fellow members? make a post and find out.
4. don't commit any hate crimes on other members. don't commit any crimes against anyone (life lesson). but seriously, you don't want to be the loser that gets kicked out of a tegan and sara community for being a huge douche bag. that's really fucking embarrassing.
5. tag, tag, tag. we will try to make sure everything is tagged properly, but if you can, please help a brother out.

7. don't be afraid to ask/post download links. you won't be hung, drawn, and quartered.
8. these rules are subject to change at any time, but you will probably get a heads up.
Tags: ! mod post, !rules
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